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Dental implants

Implants are the modern, natural and most comfortable solution for dealing with the loss of teeth from the loss of one tooth to the loss of many teeth. Implants provide the best possible feeling and look of natural teeth.

An implant is basically an artificial root that is implanted in the jawbone in place of the lost tooth. It is a metallic screw placed in the bone through surgery. In case of one missing tooth, a single implant is used, along with a supporting crown for the implant. In case more than one tooth is missing, a number of implants are used along with a bridge.

Implant surgeries are carried out in two stages at our practice. The first stage of the surgery is the placing of the implant itself which is made under local anaesthesia. A period of 3-6 months of healing time is needed before we place the final crown, bridge or denture on top of the implant.

Advantages of implants:
  • Conservation of the jawbone: when a tooth is removed the jawbone is not being used and thus degenerates. Similar to muscels that are not being trained, bones degrade. Implants facilitate strengthening of the jawbone and help it to be conserved.

  • Protection from overload: Implants are stable anchored in the jawbone and thereby posses the same characteristics as natural teeth; they tolerate the same exposures. Moreover implants provide protection of periodontosis which is in most cases result from overload and inbalance of the teeth.

  • Natural look: once the 4-6 months healing time is over the implant will be covered by an all-ceramic crown, bridge or denture which gives the tooth a natural look.

  • Chance for toothless jaw: Implants provide additional anchorage possibilities for dentures.