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Hypnosis or general anaesthesia?

Hypnosis is a real alternative to general anaesthesia; though not for any case and any situation.

Dr. Rainer Weller especially uses hypnosis to fight fears. Fears are often linked to any kind of unpleasant episode in the past. Sometimes we can and sometimes we cannot remember the incident which was the trigger mechanism for our fears. Hypnosis helps identify and bring these situations into consciousness. Together with the therapist you can now find ways and possibilities to cope with these feelings.

In general, hypnosis simply helps to relax and to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

What is hypnosis?
"Hypnos" is the Greek word for "sleep". Hypnosis, thus, is a special form of the waking state and state of consciousness.

Different perceptions of reality occur:
  • constriction of attentiveness
  • focussing on the therapist's voice
  • different body perception
  • different time perception
  • emotional relief
The unconscious is the center of attention. You are enabled to let go of your fears, prejudices and deadlocked mindsets; you simply abandon yourself to your emotional state.

What hypnosis is not?
On no account is medical hypnosis a state of spineless unconsciousness. You cannot be persuaded to act against your will or do things which are against your nature. Throughout the whole treatment you are in control of the situation and you will remember everything that happened during the session. What differs: The focus of your memories is shifted to emotions, impressions or facts which seem to be less important in everyday life.

Hypnosis is no magic and won't evoke miracle healing. Hypnosis merely supports your psychological well-being.

What can hypnosis achieve?
In the first place hypnosis intends to support relaxation and remove unfounded fears. The professional and sensitive treatment with hypnosis can definitely bring about improvement or recovery of phobia.

Hypnosis requires personal willingness. In case you do have this will or merely would like to know more about this technique, please do not hesitate to ask us for an individual consultation.

General anaesthesia?
As mentioned before, hypnosis cannot always offer a substitute to general anaesthesia. Since many years we successfully collaborate with anaesthetists Dr. med. Gerhard Girisch and Dr. med. Werner Hattensberger. Their competence and experience assure our patients a painless and stress-free treatment.