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Dental Prophylaxis

Caries Risk Test
With a saliva test we determine your personal risk for caries. This examination gives information about bacteria in your saliva which cause caries as well as about the capability of your saliva to protect your teeth from caries. On the basis of test results we are able to take individual measures in order to prevent the development of caries.

Did you know that babies are born without caries germs? These germs are most often transported through the mother or other attachment figures, e.g. by licking the pacifier. Merely this fact is the most important reason why parents should undergo this test.

This treatment prevents caries. Your teeth will be impregnated with fluoride lacquer or gel which builds a protection layer over your teeth.

Fissures (small cracks) on the tooth surface can cause severe problems as food leftovers get stuck in these small unevennesses. A special lacquer that is coated on your teeth will put things right.

Practise professional oral hygiene with us! We advise you on special brushing techniques and the right choice of dental care products.