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Professional teeth cleaning - free of pain

Tooth brushing at the dentist's?

Definitely YES!
Even if you are cleaning your teeth regularly and diligently there are germs and deposits on the teeth which cannot be removed by a normal tooth brush. When a dentist or dental hygienist cleans your teeth they remove soft and hard deposits from your teeth that cause cavities and periodontosis. The main reason of having your teeth cleaned professionally is to prevent or delay the progression of gum diseases.
    There are 6 steps in professional teeth cleaning:
  1. Thorough examination of the denture.
  2. Removal of hard deposits on the tooth surface and gaps (tartar, discolorations).
  3. Bleaching of discolorations caused by coffee, tea or smoking through airflow.
  4. Removal of soft deposits by means of special brushes, pastes and dental floss.
  5. Polish and fluoridation in order to set up an even surface which is a protecting shield against the deposit of bacteria and tartness.
  6. Session about dental hygiene at home.
The frequency of professional teeth cleaning depends on the health of your teeth and gums. For example, healthy children and adults should have their teeth cleaned at least once a year. If you have a tendency to get gum infections, have to take in medicine on a regular basis or you are a smoker, you should visit your dentist more often.